A new publisher has joined the agency: Alaestrella Editorial

Alaestrella aims to become a reference editorial in the world of children’s and young adult literature, offering a range of stories and illustrations capable of eliciting smiles, raising goosebumps, and tickling the stomach. Capable of awakening a myriad of feelings and images among readers.

Alaestrella Editorial is a little corner where you can find stories that give you wings to fly freely with your imagination and make you shine like the stars. It was born from a dream, just at the moment when a new star shone in the sky. At that instant, stories became the best companions. They wrap you up in cold moments, cradle you before sleeping, make you laugh, and also shed tears. They accompany you to discover new worlds and teach you the authenticity of diverse characters. They are the stories, kind, honest, and fair beings.

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