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It gathers, for the first time, the best catlike picture books, a unique feature within the market that will leave tracks. Books from all around the world with enigmatic, curious, independent, and elegant leading characters…
For purring out with excitement! Books for your nine lives.


Breve Gatopedia Ilustrada (Brief Illustrated Catopedia) – Zoraida Zaro. Hardcover. Format: 21×29,7cm. 40 pages. Language: Spanish. Age: 6+

Brief Illustrated Catopedia is a special catlike encyclopaedia where cats or catlike moments we all know are masterly described. Each of these fantastic tales takes us to an imaginary cat world, created by the author, who combines it with an unrivalled talent in the colourful illustrations and a text radiating humour and subtleness. A book filled with brilliant definitions about cats’ universe. A unique book.

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Un gato llamado Almohada (A cat named pillow) – Andreu Llinàs. Hardcover. Format: 20,6x21cm. 40 pages. Language: Spanish. Age: 3+

In the Novell family (mother, father, son, daughter, uncle, cousins, etc.), everyone has a NOT very good-looking sight. So to speak, they actually see awfully! That is why, when a cat gets into their life, everything gets complicated: unintentionally, one by one sit on top of him, or feed him more than he needs… a real disaster! But a disaster meant for not stop laughing, finishing with a very happy ending for each and all of then… specially for the cat named Pillow.

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Un gato llamado Almohada-cover_newsl

Un gato llamado Almohada-17














Moustache – Gracia Iglesias, Guridi. Hardcover. Format: 20,6x21cm. 40 pages. Language: Spanish. Age: 3+

Rights sold: Brazil

‘Being a cat and being curious are almost two insep- arable things. Moustache was a chic, refined and good- looking cat, a very dandy cat with excellent manners.’ But one day, his precious whiskers got burnt because of his curiosity. How terrible! What will Moustache do? Maybe fake whiskers might be the solution…or maybe the solution is in the hands of a boy as curious as him.

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El abecedario de Kate&Cat (Kate&Cat Alphabet) – Andy Prokh – Hardcover. Format: 21x21cm. 60 pages. Language: Spanish. Age: 3+

Rights sold to: Japan

It is not an ordinary alphabet. Kate & Cat’s Alphabet shows the life of a little girl and her cat, their adventures, their games and their love. Each alphabet letter and each photo evokes three words printed on each page. But you can imagine many more. Because this book, besides of being a book of admiration and learning, it is a book for… dreaming.

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El libro de mis vaCationes – AA.VV. Format: postal card, 23,5×16,5cm. Pages: 36. Language: Spanish

It is both an indefinable and unique book. It gathers 18 worldwide illustrators defining cats with their paint brushes. This book is many things: a trip planner, a dairy planner, a story written by you and 16 catlike postcards to post or give away. These holidays you might forget the towel, the sunglasses, the sunhat or everything… Everything except this book!

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