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This publishing project has evolved from personal inquisitiveness and a sincere desire to contribute to a more harmonious world. They humbly aspire to publish books that contribute to our readers’ inner happiness and inspiration, driven by the honest believe that more happy people will make this world a happier place. They publish picture books and fiction for children and Y.A


Duna – Un diario de verano (Duna – a summer diary) – Muriel Villanueva. Softcover.  180 pages. Language: Spanish.

Light, sun, blue, dunes, summer.
Duna, a twelve years old, spends the summer at Grandpas’house with her two sisters, while the mother apparently traveling alone. In thirty-one days, while writing her diary, she will star in a series of experiences that would permit a process of maturity and learning as mid- dle sister, and angry daughter, granddaughter of a sad widower and especially as friend of a very special child.

Sopa de abuelo (Grandpa’s soupe) – Mario Satz, Albert Asensio. Softcover. 68 pages. Language: Spanish.

Can love nourish the soul? A teenager, suffering from anorexia, is saved in extremis by her grandfather who cures her with just a bowl of soup. A beautiful story of the inspirational relationship between a grandfather and a granddaughter that teaches us that there is no better vis medica than Love. The ideal book to show teenagers the importance of love for themselves and for others.

La isla de las cartas perdidas (The island of the lost letters) – Oriol Canosa, Mercè López. Softcover.  144 pages. Language: Spanish.

We present a young adult novel set in the historic context of World War One, commemorating its centenary.

Albert, a boy who lives in Strasbourg, is sent by his parents to stay with his uncle Aubodun at Isola della Cona, a quiet island without any bombardments or armies.

Far from home, he will discover longing, friendship and courage, but also fear and the absurdity of war. He will experience an exciting journey full of adventure, to finally find himself.

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Tristania Imperial (Imperial Sadness) – Jaume Copons, Liliana Fortuny, Andreu Sánchez. Hardcover. 17x24cm. 32 pages. Language: Spanish.

Some evil witches have stolen Imperial Tristania, a magic potion kept in the warehouse Witches of Tibidabo amusement park. The objective? Grieving the park, the city and the world! Buri Buri and his friends will have to choose be- tween becoming evil or fight to shine joy. A story about good and evil, where love and joy will be the most powerful magic.


Érase una vez un niño comepalabras (A word-eating boy) Hardcover.17x24cm. 32 pages. Language: Spanish.

This is the starting point of this original picture book that aims to be a learn- ing tool to express the different emotions we feel. A fun book that helps young readers to clarify, specify and define their feel- ings and that takes you on a beautiful and intense journey into your kids’ interior life and yourselves’.


La gota y el cerezo (The drop and the cherry tree) – Mario Satz, Albert D. Arrayás Hardcover.17x24cm. 32 pages. Language: Spanish.

Can a raindrop exist forever?

This picture book shows the dialogue between a raindrop that refuses to disappear and a cherry tree protecting it with its branches. A poetic story about the cycle of life, the fear of change and about how transformation is constant in everything that surrounds us.


El pirata de las estrellas (The pirate of the stars) – Albert D. Arrayás. Hardcover.17x24cm. 32 pages. Language: Spanish.

This is the adventure of the pirate Ulysses Redbeard, who got so hungry one day that he decided to eat all the stars.
Have you ever tried to eat a star? They are crisp and refreshing! But… How do you reach them? And what will the moon say after being left alone?A beautiful story about sirens, whirlwinds, giant whales, treaseure chests and many stars.




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