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During our visit to the Seoul International Book Fair, from June 13th to 21st, we discover a lovely publishing house that we are glad to represent and to propose at the incoming Frankfurt Book Fair 2016!

Atnoon books publishes picture books containing the warmth and the passion of noon for grownups.
They create picture books that have storytelling and various forms of visual images such as illustrations, comics, photographs, and graphic arts combined.


Mute – Eun-Young Choi . Hardcover. Format: 22×28,6cm. 36 pages. Wordless book.

We hear a lot of sounds during our life. If there is someone who cleans these sounds?

This is the story of Mrs. Mute who cleans the word full of noise. We follow him during his day until the night when he takes a rest, in silence.

Picture book illustrated by Mrs. Choi Who, illustrator selected in Bologna Children’s book fair 2016.

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Hey, Mr Who – Hardcover. Format: 19×22,8cm. 136 pages. Language: Korean

A touching story about child abuse. A child spends a lonely and sad childhood: her parents are divorced and she has been the victim of bullying. One day the child finds a stained spot on a wall that she named Mr. Who. Since then Mr. Who magically comes into her life and became her best friend.

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Hey, Mr who_coverwebHey Mr who(1)-15_web















Clipped fingernails – Hardcover. Format: 22x 26cm. 52 pages. Language: Korean

Clip, clip.

A little girl clips her nail waiting for her first love.

An old couple clips their nail waiting for the end.

Mom clips her nail waiting for  the baby.

Clip, clip. Story of three people during the short time between one clipped nail and an other.

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Clipped Fingernails_coverwebClipped Fingernails_interni-8_web










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